Horse knowledge is a lot like manure…. You’ll pick up a lot of it over the years! Take our pop quiz and see good your equine general knowledge is! 


  1. What is the name given to a birthmark on horses characterized by a small oval indentation? 

2. How many teeth does an average horse have? 

3. What is the gestational period for a horse? 

4. How many centimetres in a “hand” measurement? 

5. What does it mean in horse racing if the horse is referred to as a Maiden? 

6. Which Royal princess was a renowned equestrienne and represented Great Britain at the Olympics? 

7. What was the real name of the American Thoroughbred racehorse fondly nicknamed “Big red”? 

8. In the movie, National Velvet, Velvet Brown (played by Elizabeth Taylor) wins a horse and enters it in the Grand National – what was the Horses name? 

9. In polo, 4 chukkas are plated per match. How long is a chukka usually? 

10. What is the correct term for the classical movement performed by the Lipizzaners in which the horse leaps from the ground and kicks out with its hind legs? 

11. What is the name of South African Singer, Jeremy Loops’ horse? 

12.  Which item of tack can be referred to as Irish, Running or Standing? 

 13. True or False – Equestrian sport is one of the very few sports where men and women compete on equal terms all the way up to Olympic level. 

14. What is another term given for “rising” at the trot? 

 15. What condition in horses is known as “Monday Morning Disease” and is characterized by muscle cramps and tying up? 

 16. What is the correct name for the dressage movement in which the horse moves backwards on the riders command? 

17. The mother of a horse is known as it’s __________? 

18. Where would you find a horses “Poverty Line”? 

 19. How many bones are there in a horses’ body? 

 20. What is the term for a fear of horses? 

21. True or False – horses have the largest eye of any land mammal? 

 22. What is the correct term for a horse curling its upper lip in response to a strange smell? 

23. At which gait are all 4 of the horses legs off the ground simultaneously at some point? 

24. What is the name of movie character, Zorro’s horse? 

25.  If a red ribbon in a horses tail means it kicks, what does a white ribbon represent?  






  1. Prophets Thumbprint 

2. A typical adult male horse has 40 permanent teeth, while a typical mare may have 36 to 40 teeth, because mares are less likely to have canine (bridle) teeth 

3. The gestation period is approximately 340 days or 11 month 

4. 1 hand = 10,2cm 

5. It’s never won a race before 

6. Princess Anne 

7. Secretariat 

8. The Pie 

9. 7 minutes 

10. Capriole 

11. Troy 

12. Martingale  

13. True 

14. Posting 

15. Azoturia 

16. Reigning Back 

17. Dam 

18. Hindquarters 

19. 205 

 20. Equinophobia 

21. True 

22. Flehmen Response 

23. Gallop 

24. Tornado 

25.  The horse is for sale. 


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